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Say Hi, Hej, Moi, Grüezi to Henrik!

The Lightbird team is growing! We are beyond excited to welcome Henrik Reimavuo to the team. Henrik hails from Helsinki, where he stumbled into the startup scene at Slush within investor relations. Most recently, he was an early stage investor with J12 Ventures in Stockholm, focusing on data &[...]
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Consumers are becoming more conscious. Should VC change too?

In a world where consumer choices shape economies and industries, a silent revolution is underway. The conscious consumer has emerged as a driving force, challenging traditional paradigms and transforming the landscape of both the consumer market and venture capital industry. From sustainable sourcing to ethical practices, this growing[...]
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Software Supply Chain Security: addressing cybersecurity challenges in using open source software

By Lightbird’s Thuy-Linh Most software today isn’t written from scratch — in fact, it is estimated that over 80% of code in any modern application is code written by others, whether it is code from open source projects and Github repositories, remote call-outs to third-party services, or libraries acquired from[...]
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The Nordics are the new SV. What is behind the success of the region in the startup ecosystem?

The Nordics are the new SV (Sustainability Valley). What is behind the success of the region in the startup ecosystem? The Nordic countries have a proven track record of being home to some of the most contented, affluent and inventive individuals worldwide. The impact the region is having[...]
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Rough sea for consumer startups — how to cope with it! Part 2

Rough sea for consumer startups — how to cope with it! Part 2 Written by Marcau’s David Hug and Andrea Annese, with the collaboration of Luca Michas and Rudi Skogman In Part 1 of this article, we tried to analyze the current consumer market and how startups operating in this space need[...]
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Rough sea for consumer startups — how to cope with it!

Rough sea for consumer startups — how to cope with it! As consumers change their consumption habits and navigate through challenging times, consumer-facing startups need to rethink how they reach new customers and how they engage with existing ones. Written By Marcau’s David Hug and Andrea Annese The world is changingWhen the pandemic[...]
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Backing, the community-led growth platform for developer-first companies

By Lightbird’s Thomas Meier and Thuy-Linh Uong At Lightbird, we have long been strong believers in the power of communities as a fundament and multiplier for growth. Like other observers, we too are convinced that community engagement will become the lifeblood and core of many companies. When done[...]
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10 October 2022
Our @thuyl_nh will be participating in Europe & MENA-wide Female Founder Office Hours, hosted by @playfaircapital,…

Navigating the Data Rabbit Hole

Ever since Alice (literally) fell down the rabbit hole in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, the meaning of the phrase has changed to a metaphor for extreme distraction on the Internet with no clear destination. Not long ago, we too fell into a rabbit hole: the modern[...]
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23 June 2022
It’s time to make some noise as we welcome @sendtrumpet founded by @SadlerRory, @pitchdeckpod and @andrewwebster11…

Simplifying the SaaS buyer journey: Why we invested in trumpet

We are more than excited to announce our investment in the UK-based company trumpet alongside Triple Point, Haatch and Anamcara and a number of high-profile angels ? Learn more about our thesis and experience for yourself why we believe Rory, Nick and Andrew are going to revolutionize the way[...]
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2 June 2022
On July 6th, @thuyl_nh together with other VCs will offer virtual office hours on #futureofwork to give advice and…

Transitioning from Consulting to VC: Things we wished we’d have known

Co-written by Marcau/ Lightbird’s Thuy-Linh, Keen Ventures’ Djoni, No Such Ventures’ Sophie, Headline’s Anna and Paua Ventures’ Charlotte In autumn 2021, after working 3 years in strategy consulting, I (Thuy-Linh) was starting a new chapter of my professional journey as a VC investor at Marcau Partners /Lightbird, full[...]
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19 April 2022
It’s time for climate action! This week, we’re joining forces with 400 leading digital companies to protect the pl…
12 April 2022
A few weeks ago, we announced our lead investment in Mistho, alongside Flash Ventures, @FinVentureCap,…

Our journey towards more financial inclusion with mistho

At Lightbird we have long been convinced that payroll will be the next big thing, the next frontier, for open finance and fintech in general. And when we first met Max, we knew that we finally found someone who, like us, was obsessed with this topic. The information contained[...]
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8 April 2022
huge congrats to @Saporo_security ?
1 April 2022
Congratulations to @mauro_cozzi , Eduardo Gómez, Ben Peddie and the whole @Emitwise team on their #seriesA! We are…
31 March 2022
Part II of our conversation with CFOs on their relationship to tech is out. Check out the article to learn more abo…

Finance 2.0: A Conversation with CFOs on their Relationship to Tech (II/II)

Following up on our previous piece, this second article draws closer on CFOs’ relationship to tech. Read on to find out more about the digital adoption in finance, key buying criteria and what we consider as key success factors for players in the CFO tech stack space. ? The[...]
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22 March 2022
A warm welcome to the Lightbird portfolio, #Mistho ? We are proud to be working with @mczymoch and Shervin Panahi t…
3 March 2022
Where could new tech tools today create the most value for CFOs and their teams? We spoke to several CFOs and finan…
17 February 2022
It’s time for the second part of the Product-Led Growth Playbook – European Edition. Read on to find out how foun…
4 February 2022
Last week, the Swiss #cybersecurity startup Saporo has announced its $2.7M pre-seed financing round. As proud co-…
3 August 2021
The move provides Chairish with a more competitive global shipping network, among other marketplace perks Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic’s early days, what at first may have seemed like a dire moment for the design industry, ended up ushering in quite the boom for vintage marketplaces—a trend accelerated[...]
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21 April 2021
Swiss insurance company la Mobilière is strengthening its position as a startup investor and has founded Lightbird Ventures AG. La Mobilière assigns Marcau Partners with the mandate as exclusive investment manager of Lightbird Ventures. Marcau Partners supports companies in establishing and operating their own venture capital units (“VC[...]
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20 April 2021
Wie füttert man sein Baby am besten? Um diese Frage tobt ein Rechtsstreit zwischen Marktführer Hipp und dem Start-up Yamo. Er gibt einen Einblick in einen Markt, in dem vor allem Vertrauen zählt. Start-ups werden vor allem für ihre Fähigkeit zur Disruption geschätzt. Das bedeutet: Sie stellen infrage,[...]
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7 April 2021
Die Mobiliar erwirbt am 7. April 2021 das Immobilienportal Flatfox. Flatfox bietet neben einem kostenlosen Marktplatz für Immobilien intelligente Tools für den digitalen Vermietungsprozess an. Mit der Akquisition erweitert die Mobiliar ihre Angebotswelt im Thema Wohnen und baut ihre Marktposition damit weiter aus. Flatfox gehört zu den führenden[...]
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25 February 2021
Bannwil, February 2021 – The Bernese start-up Carvolution has secured 15 million Swiss francs in a new fund-raising round, thereby strengthening its leading role in the car subscription market. As lead investor, Francisco Fernandez is the newcomer to support the car subscription company together with Ringier Digital Ventures.[...]
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25 February 2021
Luca Michas hat das Schweizer Startup Yamo mitgegründet, das ursprünglich mit dem Online-Direktverkauf gekühlter Babynahrung gestartet ist. Inzwischen haben es Michas und sein Team in die Regale stationärer Händler wie Coop geschafft. Herr Michas, toleriert der klassische Handel es bei Startups eher als bei den großen Konsumgüterherstellern, wenn[...]
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3 February 2021
(Boston, MA / Green Bay, WI) Nature’s Way, the leading manufacturer of high-quality supplements, today announced it has acquired full ownership of Baze, the pioneer in personalized nutrition. Baze improves consumer wellness with an evidence-based approach to personalized nutrition. The Baze Starter kit contains an at-home blood test that provides[...]
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16 July 2020
The global digital transformation brought a wave of disrupting innovations and business models. It opened the borders and grew the opportunities for co-creation in every industry. Today, continuous and focused investments are an essential ingredient for corporate success and startups’ growth. For many companies, it is the next[...]
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9 July 2020
Yamo, a self-described “foodtech” startup that produces and sells healthier food for babies and young children, has raised €10.1 million in Series A funding. Backing comes from European food and agriculture tech investor Five Seasons Ventures, Swiss Entrepreneurs Fund, Ringier Digital Ventures, Müller Ventures, btov Partners, Polytech Ventures, BackBone[...]
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28 May 2020
erento, Europe’s largest rental portal, has acquired Campanda. “Motorhomes are an important part of the erento marketplace and Campanda is a perfect addition to our portfolio.” LUKA DREMELJ, MANAGING DIRECTOR ERENTO Chris Möller, who is also the original founder of erento, has founded Campanda in 2013. ” erento and[...]
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8 May 2020
Our portfolio company fabfab & Makerist has started a campaign to provide masks for everyone through the hashtag #masktounlock on Instagram. You can find all the relevant information on the landing page here. Please spread the word – we can make it together!    
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22 April 2020
Schaut man sich den Erfolg des Heimwerkers Fynn Kliemann an, kommt man zu dem Schluss: Kaufen war gestern, heute ist cool, wer selber macht. In Zeiten der Selbstisolation ist der Bedarf nach erfüllenden Hobbys und kreativen Aktivitäten wahrscheinlich so hoch wie nie. Mit einem Onlineshop für Stoffe, Schnittmuster und Bastelanleitungen[...]
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